What is Mulching

Mulching is the process of removing unwanted and overgrown trees and plants, typically in forests, to increase the health and usability of the forest. Our mulching process is designed to be efficient and friendly to the environment. We use heavy equipment designed to turn the tree and plan material into organic mulch. This mulch provides vital nutrients to the soil and remaining plant matter promoting a healthier forest.

Our methods allow us to thin out trees and underbrush while leaving specific areas pristine. This is something that isn’t possible with traditional brush-clearing methods. Our process is easier on the land with no need to burn or haul away any debris. This lowers the overall cost of the project. 

Advantages of our Mulching Process:

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Fast and Efficient

  • Requires no burning

  • Reduced Need For Additional Equipment

  • No Fees for removal

  • Minimal disruption of soil

  • Prevents erosion

  • Increases land value

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