Habitat Management

Want to See More Wildlife On Your Property?

At Rad Mulching and Fire Reduction, we work with wildlife biologists to help you see more wildlife on your property. 

Our habitat management projects are centered on increasing wildlife populations through land manipulations that target sustainability of the ecosystem as a whole. Habitat management involves identifying factors that are scarce enough to limit wildlife population growth. Once the limiting factors have been identified, we improve the habitat to remove the limiting factors. 

The basic elements of our habitat projects are food, water, shelter, and space. Wildlife utilizes all these elements daily. By manipulating, enhancing, or creating any of the four basic habitat elements, we can achieve desired client goals. 

From large-scale turkey, elk, and deer management projects to small hummingbird gardens and fishponds, a habitat management project caters to our client's desired outcome. 

Advantages of our Habitat Management:

  • Increase Wildlife Populations

  • Increase Habitat quality of wildlife

  • Sustainability of the Ecosystem

  • Increase habitat's capacity

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