Forest Health and Tree Thinning

Forest Health and Tree Thinning

We offer eco-friendly and cost-efficient tree thinning services for residential, commercial, and government entities. Our equipment requires no digging or hauling to cut down on costs and the time that removal requires. Our equipment is set up with bull hog heads which are designed to mulch trees up to 10 inches in diameter and evenly spread the mulch on the ground.

We cut through the dense overgrowth of trees, saplings, weeds, brush, and stumps. The mulched material is placed back on the land as extra nutrients. This is an effective method of clearing the land of unwanted vegetation and trees to be used as a way to improve the quality of your soil.

Mulching and tree thinning provide a variety of benefits. For example, clearing out the overgrown plant and tree material promotes not only a healthy forest but healthier individual trees as well. Also, limbing trees at a height of 8 feet helps to lessen the damage done by wildfires. A healthy managed forest will increase your property's value by making your land more usable. These are just some of the benefits of having your forest properly mulched and thinned.

Advantages of Tree Thinning and Mulching

  • Save money and time by leaving mulch on the ground

  • Nutrients are brought back into the soil

  • Improves property values

  • Remaining trees grow healthier faster

  • Increases the wildlife population

  • Mulch helps to keep the moisture in the ground

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