Fire Mitigation

Fire Mitigation Services

There are three areas that contribute to wildfires: weather conditions during a fire (such as humidity, temperature, and wind), landscape topography (including ascent and slope), and the types and amount of fuel available to the fire. One of the essential aspects of our fire mitigation service is removing ladder fuels, such as dead or diseased trees, underbrush, and tree limbs low to the ground that quickly allow fires to escalate. Removing these can reduce the intensity of the fire and reduce the risk of structural damage from a wildfire. In addition, the trees remaining will grow stronger and be more resilient to infestation, drought, and wildfire effects.

Clearing areas to act as a firebreak is another way we can provide fire mitigation to your wooded land. This helps to minimize the amount of land consumed by a wildfire by creating a gap in the foliage wide enough that fire can't continue to spread. 

Included in our fire mitigation services is a delimbing service where we remove limbs lower than 8 ft above the ground. 

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