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Forest Health

Fire mitigation

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Forest Restoration

Thinning trees and removing overgrown underbrush promotes a healthier environment for existing trees and wildlife. Whether for recreation or commercial purposes, we can help you take back control of your overgrown areas.

Habitat Management

Our habitat management projects are centered on increasing wildlife populations through land manipulations that target sustainability of the ecosystem as a whole. Habitat management identifies factors that are scarce enough to limit the wildlife population growth. Once the limiting factors have been identified, we improve the habitat by removing the limiting factors. Managing the wildlife's habitat and ecosystem will help you see more wildlife on your property. 

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Rad Mulching provides mulching, tree thinning, fire mitigation, and forest health services to the Pacific Northwest with professionalism and reliability.

Brush clearing

Underbrush clearing

Forest Restoration


Land Clearing

Brush Mastication (Mulching)

Tree Thinning

Fire Mitigation

Forest Health Promotion

Forest Management

Roadside Clearing

Fire Breaks

Habitat Management

Orchard Restoration

Logging Cleanup

Right of Way Clearing

Hydro Ax Mulching

Trail Clearing

Serving Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, California, and Alaska

Residential and Commercial Tree Thinning & Mulching

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Tree Thinning & Mulching Services

Our tree thinning and mulching services create a mulch that provides valuable nutrients to the soil. This saves you time and most importantly money when compared to excavation services attempting to do the same thing.

Rad Mulching

Professional & Reliable Mulching Services

Your project is our priority. That's why we tailor our services to match your needs. This ensures a positive experience for you and a finished project that removes everything you want and nothing you don't. Use the button below to view each of our services.

The Equipment Needed for

Projects of any size

Our equipment allows us to handle projects of all sizes. From 1 acre to 1,000, our crew is ready to assist with your mulching project. Contact us today to learn more.

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Greg D.

Happy Customer

I live on family acreage near Kamiah, ID; nothing had been done with the land for a great number of years. Tons of brush and pine trees were on this acreage. I am 2/3 of the way through eliminating a large share of brush and thinning out the existing pine trees. Rad has completed the mulching process on much of the land. I could not be happier with the end result; Eli and his crew do a first class job, very friendly and customer friendly! 5-Star business!!!

Jacobs Lumber Sales

Happy Customer

Rad Mulching did a great job clearing some land we have above Kamiah. I would recommend them to anyone. They showed up ready to work and charged exactly what we were told. They work hard and are a great crew to chat with. We will have them back here shortly for round two!

Dustin L.

Happy Customer

Eli came out and did a great job on getting rid of a ton of multi-floral rose bushes. He is definitely not scared of steep country!

Grace A.

Happy Customer

Honest and upfront Business! I’d recommend to all my friends and family. They do amazing work in a very timely matter and for a realistic price. They stick to their timeline and price.

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